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Our 2021 programme dates are listed below, but is very much being affected by the restrictions from COVID 19 Virus. 

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Essex Numismatic Society Meetings

Meetings are held on the 4th Friday of every month at Christ’s Church URC 164 New London Road, Chelmsford, CM2 0AW. . Doors open at 7:30 for 8pm start. A member of staff on duty to admit anyone who is late. So please arrive in good time. 

A recent Celtic Gold Quarter Stater find from Essex

I was recently alerted by our good friends at Saffron Walden Museum and in particular the Curator Carolyn Wingfield of a recent find and donation to the Museum collection. It is a Gold  Quarter Stater of  Dubnovellaunos dated approximately Late 1st Century BC/Early 1st Century AD.

It is not clear who Dubnovellaunos was as there are a number of references to him. An earlier reference to a Dunovellaunus records coins issued in the Essex area of the Trinovantes/Catuvellauni Tribes. He, was the British King mentioned along with Tincommius as client Kings to the Emperor Augustus. This coin of Dubnovellaunus is an issue of the successor and perhaps Son of Addedomaros whose coins are very similar in style. 

The Portable Antiquity Scheme Map shows a number of coin finds of Dubnovellaunus distributed over an area of North Kent, Essex, and East Anglia. It is interesting to note that of the Gold coins listed, 40 are Gold Staters whilst only 7 are quarter Staters. This coin itself is a good example. The finder and landowner have kindly donated it to the Saffron Walden Museum. It has been voluntarily recorded on the PAS database and should appear there in due course. 

Details of the coin are; Wreath, plain crescents back to back at centre, pellet on ring at each side/Horse left, branch below, trefoil above. This example has  a pellet between the legs and a pellet behind the tail. (In this respect it is similar to ESS-DCA063, ESS-97A3F2 and coin No 6 of Hoard SF-FA65C9) Diameter 11.7 mm Thickness 1.7 mm and weight 1.33gr. 

Ref (VA 1660; BMC 2442; ABC 2395 Spink 208)

I am grateful to Carolyn Wingfield for the information and to the Finder and Landowners for permission to use the photograph.

R M Barrett 

An Unusual Shropshire Hoard with an Essex Connection.

In 2016, 913 Gold Sovereign and Half Sovereign coins were discovered in Shropshire, hidden inside a piano, the piano (illustrated) is now on display in Saffron Walden’s Museum’s Local History Gallery.

The piano was originally supplied by Beaven & Mothersole Piano Tuners, who were based in 27 West Road, Saffron Walden, Essex. Reciepts show that they had purchased the piano direct from the London manufacturers, Broadwood & Sons Ltd in 1906.

Nothing is then known about the history of the piano until it was purchased in 1983 from a house clearance company by the Hemmings family, residents of Saffron Walden. They owned the piano for 33 years, before moving to Shropshire and gifting it to their local Community College, Bishop’s Castle, completely unaware of what was hidden inside. 

It was only when the piano was professionally tuned by a specialist technician, that the coins were finally discovered, nestled between the keys and the dust-board underneath.

The coins (illustrated above) found dated to between 1847 and 1915; so they originate from the reigns of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII and King George V. It is likely that they were concealed within the piano by a Saffron Walden resident. Some of the cardboard packaging in the pouches, which encased the coins, were taken from distinctive 1930’s Shredded Wheat cereal boxes!

The identity of the person who hid the coins and their precise motivation will probably remain a fascinating unanswered question’ (Peter Reavill, Shropshire Finds Liaison Officer)

When the coins were discovered, they were declared Treasure Trove under the Treasure Act (1996), as they were Gold Coins which were deliberately hidden and no rightful heirs could be traced. At the time of its discovery, this hoard of modern Gold Coins was the largest of its type. 40 people came forward during the 3 Month inquest to stake a claim on the coins, but none of them were found to be valid.

 The Museum at Saffron Walden are delighted that a representative sample of the coins as well as their packaging and the piano in which they were hidden, were able to be acquired as a result of a successful crowd funding campaign and external grants. This fascinating mystery has captured many people’s imaginations, having received local, regional and national news coverage. 

In Mid September Jenny Oxley from the Museum was filmed by The Discovery Channel in the Museum’s local history gallery for a forthcoming documentary on what’s being called the ‘Bishop Castle Coin Hoard’. Watch this space. 

I am thankful to Carolyn Wingfield (Curator)and in particular Jenny Oxley (Collections Officer-Human History) for the above information and photos. Certainly when circumstances improve and Museums open up again a visit to Saffron Walden Museum will be fascinating.  

RM Barrett



Caesaromagus back copies. Please use the link ‘About the Society and Museum‘ to see further information on back numbers and where complete runs of the Essex Numismatic Society Journal are held.

Programme for 2021

January 22ndShort Talk followed by Exchange & Mart
February 26th54th Anniversary and 15th Ivan Buck Memorial Lecture.

(Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
March 26th
April 23rdAGM plus Annual Exhibition for the HVH Everitt Trophy and voting for the Caesaromagus cup.
May 28th
June 2nd
July 2nd(Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
August 27thShort Talks by Members.
September 24th
October 22rdAnnual Auction
November 26th(Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
December Date TBCChristmas Supper The Baker Arms, Stock (TBC)

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