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On Friday 28th June we welcome back our past speaker and friend Denis Martin who will speak to us with a talk entitled ‘What makes a coin rare?’ A study of Edwardian Sterlings and other coins

Coffee/Tea and biscuits and a raffle will be available this month.



Essex Numismatic Society Meetings

Meetings are held on the 4th Friday of every month at Christ’s Church URC 164 New London Road, Chelmsford, CM2 0AW. . Doors open at 7:30 for 8pm start. A member of staff on duty to admit anyone who is late. So please arrive in good time. 

The Braintree Hoard was found near Braintree Essex in the Summer of 2019 by two metal detectorists. It was processed under the terms of the Treasure Act and presents us with an intriguing archive of to the coinage of the period.

Colchester Museum and The Fitzwilliam Museum purchased 16 coins including two 11th Century Byzantine Coins from the Hoard. 

The remainder was disclaimed and returned to the finders. 

The Braintree hoard will now be offered for sale by Noonans on 21st February 2024.

The hoard has a number of coins of Edward the Confessor and a significant number of coins from the reign of Harold II. 

Post sale Report

The Braintree Hoard was sold for a total of £325,560 Hammer price. There were a number of highlights in the sale with prices very keen throughout. In the Edward Confessor coins offered three coins were worth mention. Lot 1009 of Ipswich with AElfwine moneyer achieved £1100 against an estimate of £400-£500. Lot 1018 of Sudbury with Folcwine moneyer acheived £1600 against an estimate of £300-£400. Lot 1020 Thetford with Asturr (+AZARA) acheived £1200 against an estimate of £300-£400.

The Harold II Pennies all sold well but the star was Lot 1045 Hastings with Dunning moneyer. This coin sold for £26000 against an estimate of £5000-£6000. 

Noonans are to be commended for their extremely well written and illustrated catalogue.  

The Colkirk Roman Hoard

There was a recent sale of Siliqua found by our good friend Mike Cuddeford in Norfolk now referred to as the Colkirk hoard. Mike gave a talk to the Essex Numismatic Society about the hoard, referred to then as the Fakenham Hoard  This initial group of Siliqua were offered for sale on 5th December 2023 by Noonans from Lot 117 to Lot 168. 

The group offered spanned the reigns of Julian II (360-363) through to Arcadius (383-408) No coins of Honorius (384-423) were offered in this first part but were present in the hoard as were coins from the reign of Constantius II. 

In total the hoard comprised of 430 coins. The reigns of Arcadius and Honorius were represented most with 80 and 73 coins respectively. There were 44 listed as uncertain. Interestingly 46 coins were of Magnus Maximus who held high command under Gratian in Britain. A number of the coins, identified or otherwise, were broken or fragments. 

This writer acquired 5 coins from this first part auctioned. Three of them illustrated here.

The first illustration is the only intact and extremely rare Flavius Victor Siliqua of ROMA enthroned from the Treveri (Trier) Mint

The second illustration is a Siliqua of Eugenius also with ROMA minted in Milan

The third illustration is a Siliqua of Magnus Maximus, with ROMA and minted in Milan.

It has certainly been interesting to hear of Mike’s involvement with the hoard and the eventual outcome to the sale, He was very excited about the outcome (Lot 137) Siliqua of Theodosius I with a rare reverse of PERPETVTAS Phoenix on Globe TRPS Treveri (Trier) mint. which hammered for £3400.

RM Barrett

Caesaromagus back copies. Please use the link ‘About the Society and Museum‘ to see further information on back numbers and where complete runs of the Essex Numismatic Society Journal are held.

Programme for 2024

January 26thExchange & MartBring your unwanted coins, tokens, books etc.
February 23rd57th Anniversary and 18th Ivan Buck Memorial Lecture.Joe Bispham. Tudor Coinage 1485-1602 'The emergence of England as a power in Renaissance Europe'(Part 2)
(Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
March 22ndChris ElmyAn introduction to Numismatics (Part 2)
April 26thAGM plus Annual Exhibition for the HVH Everitt Trophy and voting for the Caesaromagus cup.Voting ballot papers will be sent before the meeting together with the 2023 minutes and 2024 agenda.
May 24thRoger Barrett'The Cae Barrd Hoard' 'An Essex connection'
June 28thDenis Martin'What makes a coin rare'?
A study of Edwardian Sterlings and other coins.
July 26thKaren TillSome more Essex Detector Finds
August 23rdMembers Short Talks. Everyone welcomeSpeakers tba
September 27thTim MillettTokens of Love, Loss and Disrespect
October 25thAnnual AuctionViewing to commence from 7.30pm
Vendors please arrive at 7pm
November 25thAlex Bliss'The Rooswijk Treasure'
(preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
December Christmas social/dinnerDate and venue TBA

Buying, selling or swapping of coins between members guests and visitors is encouraged at meetings, but dealing shall not take place during the formal part of the meeting.

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