Our 2020 programme is listed below, but is very much being affected by the restrictions from COVID 19 Virus which is affecting so many. Please refer to the programme updates.

If anyone has a topic or future speaker in mind please pass that on to The Secretary.

From April our new venue will be Christ’s Church URC 164 New London Road Chelmsford CM2 OAW. It is just down the road from the Museum. There is plenty of parking and further details and a map will be available here nearer the time.

There will be coffee, tea and biscuits available at the meetings (including our new venue).

A prize raffle is now held at most of our meetings.

Please look up our ‘Essex Numismatic Society’ ‘Facebook’ Page and check us out. Join in the discussion..


The Friday 24th April AGM meeting has now been cancelled due to the current advice from NHS and Government. We will review the situation regarding our future meetings the next scheduled is May at Christ’s Church URC. At the moment that  meeting is unlikely to go ahead but we will update this information later.  


Essex Numismatic Society Meetings

Meetings are held on the 4th Friday of every month at Christ’s Church URC 164 New London Road, Chelmsford, CM2 0AW. . Doors open at 7:30 for 8pm start. A member of staff on duty to admit anyone who is late. So please arrive in good time. 

Numismatic Articles

The Urn containing many of the Coins on display at the Museum. 

A close up of the coins.

A small group of cleaned coins, of the type from the hoard

The Chaillouet Hoard of Coins Troyes France

In 1994 during excavations on a corner of a building in Troyes France a stunning hoard of approximately 182,000 3rd Century Barbarous Antoninianus Coins of mainly Tetricus I and his Son Tetricus II were found. The deposit of the hoard is difficult to judge as the hoard does not appear to have been published yet. With the majority of the coins being of the final period of The Gallo Roman period it could be safe to assume the date is around AD 273/4. The coins appear very poor and small as many of the issues were at this period. 

The Emperor Aurelian, having secured much of his borders in the East was now confident to march on the remainder of the break away Roman Empire in the West in AD 273. It is said his forces met Tetricus and his Son near Chalons-sur-Marne where many contemporary accounts note that no battle actually took place. It is said that both Tetricus and his Son surrendered to Aurelian. The fact that Aurelian spared their lives and both ended their days with comfortable Governorship’s where both were honoured perhaps supports this. Rome at this time continued its fight to maintain its borders. This didn’t stop Aurelian celebrating a great ‘victory’ later.

It is difficult to speculate why such a large hoard was hidden. Perhaps as an offering. It could have been as many hoards, to be retrieved but the person failed to return. What ever the reason it is a stunning hoard hidden away in the cellar of ‘Musee Saint Loup’ Troyes France. 

This hoard prompted me to re look at hoards in general including one my Father was involved with, the Cae Bardd Hoard. It also prompted me to prepare and give some talks to local Clubs and Societies on Essex Hoards. RB  

Caesaromagus back copies. Please use the link ‘About the Society and Museum‘ to see further information on back numbers and where complete runs of the Essex Numismatic Society Journal are held.

Programme for 2020

January 24thShort Talk followed by Exchange & MartTitle 'An unexpected find'
February 28th53rd Anniversary and 14th Ivan Buck Memorial Lecture.

Anja Rohde
A further look at Norman Coins. Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
March 27thGraham WarboysThis meeting was cancelled
April 24thAGM plus Annual Exhibition for the HVH Everitt Trophy and voting for the Caesaromagus cup.PLEASE NOTE THIS MEETING IS NOW CANCELLED
June 26thSophie Flynn

Essex Finds Liaison officer
'Some recent detector finds'
July 24thHarold Mernick'A closer look at Coins in Jewellery'
(Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
August 28thShort Talks by Members TBC
September 25thTim Millet'Engraved Coins' Full title TBC
October 23rdAnnual AuctionFurther information will follow.
November 27thGary Oddie'Boy Bishop Tokens'
(Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
December Date TBCChristmas Supper the Baker Arms, Stock (TBC)

Buying, selling or swapping of coins between members guests and visitors is encouraged at meetings, but dealing shall not take place during the formal part of the meeting.

Officers and Committee

President: Mike Cuddeford

Chairman: G.Warboys

Hon. Secretary: R.M.Barrett 01279 814216 (Leave a message on the answer machine if no reply) email:-

Hon. Treasurer: R.Hudson

Webmaster: R.M.Barrett

Committee: C.Geddes, M.Pallett, K.Till

Hon Life Members: M.Anderson, A.J.Holmes, Mrs A.Cullum, Mrs P.Buck, M.Cuddeford, R.I.Thomas, Mrs J.Seaman, R.M.Barrett

Collecting interests of the members are wide ranging and include:-

  • Ancient Coins
  • Roman Coins
  • Hammered Coins
  • Modern Coins
  • Foreign Coins
  • Tokens of all types
  • Tickets, Passes and Checks
  • Medals
  • Banknotes
  • Bank and Credit cards

There is no need to be an expert to join the Society, on the contrary, newcomers and those just interested in finding out more are very welcome.

Annual Membership £15. Guests and Visitors £2.

Visits: 834