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ENS Interim Newsletter 2022

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August 26th 2022 

Our next meeting we hold our members evening. Our speakers subjects include, Toy Money, Gun Money and the story of a ‘distressed’ Coin Cabinet in need of restoration..    

Coffee/Tea and biscuits is available along with a monthly raffle.

Please note that even though there has been a relaxation in restrictions we ask that if you are not comfortable that you wear face masks or coverings upon entry through their main entrance. Hand sanitiser is by the entrance. Once inside the Hall face coverings can be removed if you so wish. 

Essex Numismatic Society Meetings

Meetings are held on the 4th Friday of every month at Christ’s Church URC 164 New London Road, Chelmsford, CM2 0AW. . Doors open at 7:30 for 8pm start. A member of staff on duty to admit anyone who is late. So please arrive in good time. 

A recent Saffron Walden Museum Acquisition

I was recently alerted by our good friends at Saffron Walden Museum and in particular the Curator Carolyn Wingfield of another recent Essex acquisition to their collection of a coin hoard found three years ago in the Barnston area near Great Dunmow. (PAS ref ESS-F908DA)

The find comprised of 10 Silver Siliqua Coins including those of Valens, Gratian, Magnus Maximus, Arcadius and Honorius. The coins displayed a degree of clipping not uncommon from coins of this period. The coins were found by a number of detectorists during an organised club rally.

The level of clipping (1-4) is discussed and explained in the Peter Guest publication of the Hoxne Hoard found in 1992. 

The find now further adds to the collection at Saffron Walden of local hoards. There are two hoards found at Lindsell published in BNJ 88 Page 216 Nos 79 and 80. The first comprising 17 clipped Siliqua and the second 3 Siliqua. In addition to this a Hoard comprising one Solidus and a number of Siliqua was found at Ashdon. 

The Ordnance Survey map of Roman Britain published in 1978 shows a distinct road line from Caesaromagus (Chelmsford) Northwards towards modern day Braintree. a branch from that road turns North West through Pleshey to Great Dunmow, North towards Thaxted and Ashdon then North West to Great Chesterford, the site of a known Roman Town. It is intriguing that following the route there are such finds. 

Another Find to support the level of occupation at this time was found at Debden Essex, just West of Thaxted where 16 Siliqua and one Denarius of Domitian were found. (BNJ 86 No 89 Page 257)  

I am grateful to Carolyn Wingfield for the information.

R M Barrett 

An Unusual Shropshire Hoard with an Essex Connection.

In 2016, 913 Gold Sovereign and Half Sovereign coins were discovered in Shropshire, hidden inside a piano, the piano (illustrated) is now on display in Saffron Walden’s Museum’s Local History Gallery.

The piano was originally supplied by Beaven & Mothersole Piano Tuners, who were based in 27 West Road, Saffron Walden, Essex. Reciepts show that they had purchased the piano direct from the London manufacturers, Broadwood & Sons Ltd in 1906.

Nothing is then known about the history of the piano until it was purchased in 1983 from a house clearance company by the Hemmings family, residents of Saffron Walden. They owned the piano for 33 years, before moving to Shropshire and gifting it to their local Community College, Bishop’s Castle, completely unaware of what was hidden inside. 

It was only when the piano was professionally tuned by a specialist technician, that the coins were finally discovered, nestled between the keys and the dust-board underneath.

The coins (illustrated above) found dated to between 1847 and 1915; so they originate from the reigns of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII and King George V. It is likely that they were concealed within the piano by a Saffron Walden resident. Some of the cardboard packaging in the pouches, which encased the coins, were taken from distinctive 1930’s Shredded Wheat cereal boxes!

The identity of the person who hid the coins and their precise motivation will probably remain a fascinating unanswered question’ (Peter Reavill, Shropshire Finds Liaison Officer)

When the coins were discovered, they were declared Treasure Trove under the Treasure Act (1996), as they were Gold Coins which were deliberately hidden and no rightful heirs could be traced. At the time of its discovery, this hoard of modern Gold Coins was the largest of its type. 40 people came forward during the 3 Month inquest to stake a claim on the coins, but none of them were found to be valid.

 The Museum at Saffron Walden are delighted that a representative sample of the coins as well as their packaging and the piano in which they were hidden, were able to be acquired as a result of a successful crowd funding campaign and external grants. This fascinating mystery has captured many people’s imaginations, having received local, regional and national news coverage. 

In Mid September Jenny Oxley from the Museum was filmed by The Discovery Channel in the Museum’s local history gallery for a forthcoming documentary on what’s being called the ‘Bishop Castle Coin Hoard’. Watch this space. 

I am thankful to Carolyn Wingfield (Curator)and in particular Jenny Oxley (Collections Officer-Human History) for the above information and photos. Certainly when circumstances improve and Museums open up again a visit to Saffron Walden Museum will be fascinating.  

RM Barrett



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Programme for 2022

January 28thShort Talk followed by Exchange & MartSpeaker Tony Holmes Axumite Coins
February 25th55th Anniversary and 16th Ivan Buck Memorial Lecture.Gerard Slevin 'Short Cross Coinage and their Legends'
(Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
March 25thRoger Barrett'The decline of Late Roman Coinage'
April 22ndAGM plus Annual Exhibition for the HVH Everitt Trophy and voting for the Caesaromagus cup.Voting ballot papers will be sent before the meeting. The minutes and agenda will be send as well.
May 27thMike Cuddeford'The Fakenham Hoard' 'Discovery, recovery and interpretation'
June 24thKaren Till'My favourite finds'
July 22ndCarolina Luna, Essex Finds Liaison OfficerSome Essex Finds
(Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
August 26thShort Talks
1) Kai Towe
2) Charlie Geddes and Tony Holmes.
3) Roger Barrett
Members Talks
1) Joseph Moore and Model Coins.
2) Irish Gun Money.
3) A 'distressed Coin Cabinet in need of restoration'

September 23rdJohn Sadler'Prize Guys' My 15 best.
October 28thAnnual AuctionViewing to commence from 7.30pm
Vendors please arrive at 7pm
November 26th(Speaker TBA)(Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
December Christmas DinnerVenue and date TBA

Buying, selling or swapping of coins between members guests and visitors is encouraged at meetings, but dealing shall not take place during the formal part of the meeting.

Officers and Committee

President: Mike Cuddeford

Chairman: G.Warboys

Hon. Secretary: R.M.Barrett 01279 814216 (Leave a message on the answer machine if no reply) email:-

Hon. Treasurer: R.Hudson

Webmaster: R.M.Barrett

Committee: C.Geddes, M.Pallett, K.Till

Hon Life Members:  A.J.Holmes, Mrs A.Cullum, Mrs P.Buck, M.Cuddeford, R.I.Thomas, Mrs J.Seaman, R.M.Barrett

Collecting interests of the members are wide ranging and include:-

  • Ancient Coins
  • Roman Coins
  • Hammered Coins
  • Modern Coins
  • Foreign Coins
  • Tokens of all types
  • Tickets, Passes and Checks
  • Medals
  • Banknotes
  • Bank and Credit cards

There is no need to be an expert to join the Society, on the contrary, newcomers and those just interested in finding out more are very welcome.

Annual Membership £15. Guests and Visitors £2.