Our 2020 programme is listed below, but is very much being affected by the restrictions from COVID 19 Virus which is affecting so many. Please refer to the programme updates.

Please note more contact email links to many Numismatic Contacts including dealers auctioneers etc have just been added to our ‘Links to other Societies’ three bar icon at the top of the page. Many have been supportive of the Society in the past.  

From April our new venue will be Christ’s Church URC 164 New London Road Chelmsford CM2 OAW. It is just down the road from the Museum. There is plenty of parking.

There will be coffee, tea and biscuits available at the meetings (including our new venue).

A prize raffle is now held at most of our meetings.

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The Friday 28th August meeting is still ‘pending’ whilst details of our venues policy and safety measures are finalised. We will review the situation regarding our future meetings, and update accordingly. 

Please keep updated through posts here.  

Essex Numismatic Society Meetings

Meetings are held on the 4th Friday of every month at Christ’s Church URC 164 New London Road, Chelmsford, CM2 0AW. . Doors open at 7:30 for 8pm start. A member of staff on duty to admit anyone who is late. So please arrive in good time. 

Numismatic Articles (A Beginners Guide to Coin Collecting

A Beginners Guide to Coin Collecting.

In these days of ever more cashless transactions it may well be the case that our grandchildren ask the question “What is a coin, what does it do?”

So in these days it is great to see that the Royal Mint is making coin collecting fun for everyone with their !Great British Coin Hunt” series of coins. (Image 1)

The modern day varieties of all denominations from 10 pence through to £2 celebrate all that is good about the United Kingdom.

So it is time to take advantage and check the coins you receive in your change for the coins that are out of the ordinary and might be the next “Kew Gardens 50p”

First of all the collection of 10 pence coins the reverse (Tails) of the coin has a letter of the alphabet and a picture depicting that letter including B for James Bond and at this time N for NHS. As you get more of these you can buy a special holder to slot the coins into to preserve their condition.

Next some of you may remember in 2008 the Royal Mint made an error where they changed the obverse (heads) and reverse (tails) design for that year whereby some of the 20 pence coins came out without a date. This type of error coin is known as a mule.

The Fifty Pence in your change has now been around for around 51 years. Over the years we have had four European celebration coins, as well as recognition for sporting achievements, science, celebrations for literature etc.

Recently the craze has been around the Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter series, but the 29 Olympic varieties, and before that the goal of modern 50 pence pieces the Kew Gardens 50 pence were all the rage.(image 2 the Kew Gardens 50p can sell for around £150).

It is also still not too late to find the odd 2011 Olympic 50 pence in your change, with 29 different varieties representing the 29 sports competed in at the London 2012 Games. (Image 3)

Modern Royal Mint Brilliant Uncirculated 50 Pence Coins in Presentation Folders £10 each from the Royal Mint. The different varieties to look out for include the 2020 range with 3 Dinosaurs on the reverse of the coins. (Image 4)

They can all be gotten and if your desire takes there is always ebay where you can complete your collection for a few pounds per coin.

Regular articles are published listing the rarest of the coins in your pocket and their values. These are worth looking out for.

Remember if you see a coin with a different reverse put it to one side, it may be a rarity.

Two golden rules when collecting coins,

1) Hold the coin by the edge so as not to leave fingerprints if you are going to collect the coin.

2) NEVER clean a coin, it will lose all of its collectability due to chemical in the cleaning process and the series of small “hairline” scratches that cleaning leaves.

If you want to know more about modern issues you can visit the Royal Mint website

Question, on a 2017 £1 coin how many times does the date appear? Answer later with another article to come about £2 coins. 

Photos courtesy of the GW Collection. 

Caesaromagus back copies. Please use the link ‘About the Society and Museum‘ to see further information on back numbers and where complete runs of the Essex Numismatic Society Journal are held.

Programme for 2020

January 24thShort Talk followed by Exchange & MartTitle 'An unexpected find'
February 28th53rd Anniversary and 14th Ivan Buck Memorial Lecture.

Anja Rohde
A further look at Norman Coins. Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
March 27thGraham WarboysThis meeting was cancelled
April 24thAGM plus Annual Exhibition for the HVH Everitt Trophy and voting for the Caesaromagus cup.This meeting was cancelled. The AGM will take place at the first convenient opportunity.
May 22ndJohn Sadler'Some of my Prize-Guys' PLEASE NOTE THIS MEETING IS CANCELLED
June 26thSophie Flynn

Essex Finds Liaison officer
'Some recent detector finds' THIS MEETING IS CANCELLED
July 24thHarold Mernick'A closer look at Coins in Jewellery'
(Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm) THIS MEETING IS NOW CANCELLED
August 28thShort Talks by Members. This may changeTitle and speaker TBC
September 25thTim Millet'Engraved Coins' Full title TBC
October 23rdAnnual AuctionFurther information will follow.
November 27thGary Oddie'Boy Bishop Tokens'
(Normal meeting to be preceded by a Committee Meeting at 6.30pm)
December Date TBCChristmas Supper the Baker Arms, Stock (TBC)

Buying, selling or swapping of coins between members guests and visitors is encouraged at meetings, but dealing shall not take place during the formal part of the meeting.

Officers and Committee

President: Mike Cuddeford

Chairman: G.Warboys

Hon. Secretary: R.M.Barrett 01279 814216 (Leave a message on the answer machine if no reply) email:-

Hon. Treasurer: R.Hudson

Webmaster: R.M.Barrett

Committee: C.Geddes, M.Pallett, K.Till

Hon Life Members: M.Anderson, A.J.Holmes, Mrs A.Cullum, Mrs P.Buck, M.Cuddeford, R.I.Thomas, Mrs J.Seaman, R.M.Barrett

Collecting interests of the members are wide ranging and include:-

  • Ancient Coins
  • Roman Coins
  • Hammered Coins
  • Modern Coins
  • Foreign Coins
  • Tokens of all types
  • Tickets, Passes and Checks
  • Medals
  • Banknotes
  • Bank and Credit cards

There is no need to be an expert to join the Society, on the contrary, newcomers and those just interested in finding out more are very welcome.

Annual Membership £15. Guests and Visitors £2.